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Make A Difference - Serve With Us

We want you on our team!


It takes teamwork to make the dream work!  God designed you with a purpose and fully equipped you with everything you need to walk in it. Your purpose is always connected to what Jesus loves--the local church. You have the opportunity to live out your purpose and make a difference in our world by serving others.

‍Step One: Become a Member

Learn more about the core values and vision of Rescue Church. Discover how you can connect with us in ways that impact your life and the lives of others.

Just follow our G P S system:

  • G — Go by Guest Services and fill out a Membership Information Form.

  • P — Place your membership form in the drop box in front of Guest Services.

  • S — Sit in on a membership class (dates and times to be announced). We will hold a special                                     celebration service in your honor as we welcome and pray you into membership!

‍Step Two: Join our Dream Team


As simple as A B C:

  • A — Application.  Simply visit Guest Services for a Dream Team application.

  • B — Box.  Fill it out and place your application in the drop box at Guest Services.

  • C — Call.  You will receive a phone call letting you know your application was received, and                                      another call from the Team Leader in your area of interest. We will help connect you to the area of                    ministry that best fits you and the church.

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