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Our Vision Is To
"Reach And Rescue People With God's Love"

Our core values at Rescue Church are derived from the love we have for Jesus Christ and people.
They are our fundamental beliefs and are the guiding principles by which we operate.

These values keep us centered, committed, and on course as we fulfill our vision "To Reach And Rescue People With God’s Love".

‍1. Keeping First Things First — Jesus is #1.

‍2. Honor Is A Given — Honor God, honor people.

‍3. Think Big, Start Small — It is not always about how you start, but how you finish.

4. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
— Working in unity, many hands make the load light.

5. Be It And See It — Model what you want to see in the world.

6. Small Things Matter
— Small tweaks take you to higher peaks; details matter.

7. Keep It Real — Trade image for character; it is who you really are.

8. Live Love Loud
— It is not a secret to be kept but a person (Jesus) to be shared.

‍9. Creative Thinkers
— Creativity is a gift from our Creator; use it!

10. Blessed To Be A Blessing
— We are a distribution center, not a warehouse.

‍11. We Say “No!” To Status Quo
— A living church was meant to grow in every way. Serve with excellence.

12. There Are Two Words You Can Never Say Enough
— “Thank you!”

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