To store food and supplies now, to be distributed during seasons of need (Genesis 41)


During good seasons, (weather, food supply chain, economy, etc.) we will collect goods and store them, so that we have them for distributing during the challenging seasons (hurricane season, food shortages, pandemic, etc.).

• Donate Goods Now. (see the list below or download it here)

• Make Monetary Donations Now.

WHAT DO WE NEED? (These items only)
     Non-Perishable Food Items
        • Granola And Protein Bars
        • Dried Rice And Beans
        • Freeze Dried Meals
        • Powdered Milk
        • Canned Goods
        • Baby Formula
        • Boxed Meals
        • Nut Butters
        • Jerky
        • MREs
        • Water

     Cleaning Supplies
        • Brooms
        • Dust Pans
        • Dish Soap
        • Mop Buckets
        • Rubber Gloves
        • Hand Sanitizer
        • Sanitizing Wipes
        • Laundry Detergent
        • Empty Spray Bottles
        • Food Grade Sanitizer
        • Packaged Cleaning Cloths
        • Trash Bags (30 Gallon And Larger)
        • Sponges And Abrasive Scrubbing Pads
        • All-purpose Disinfectants (Non-Bleach)

        • Monetary Donations For Storage And Storage Supplies