Connect Group

God uses others to encourage us, hold us accountable, support us, promote healing in our lives, and to help us enjoy life. This is a great way to do life with your church family outside of church. Life is always better when we do it together.
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What happens at a Connect Group meeting?
A Connect Group looks like friends enjoying life together over a cup of coffee, a meal, or a game of croquet. It looks like lots of smiles and maybe even some belly laughs.
You can expect to engage with others in common activities and life-giving conversation that will leave you feeling refreshed and encouraged. You might even share in an amazing time of worship or prayer. You will always have the opportunity to submit your prayer requests. The main thing is, you get to connect with others who are after God’s best for their lives.

How often does a Connect Group meet?
Connect Groups meet on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Where do Connect Groups meet?
Connect Groups usually meet in the home of your Connect Group leader. Your Connect Group leader will let you know in advance if the location changes based on the activity for that night. You might find yourself at a coffee shop or at a bowling alley.

Is there childcare available?
Childcare is not provided. We want everyone to be able to connect. Secure a sitter for one night a month and connect with others.

Can I bring a friend?
Connect Groups are for the people who attend Rescue Church on a regular basis to connect. This is an inreach—not an outreach. Everyone must register, be assigned to a group, and commit to attending that group.

Do I have to register?
Yes, everyone must register and commit to attending a Connect Group.

What are the ages?
Connect Groups are for people ages 18 and up.

Can I switch Groups?
If there’s a reason you need to switch Connect Groups, please contact the Rescue Church office via letter, or email us at