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Now that you’ve committed your life to Christ, it is vital that you get and stay connected to the local church. There is a safety that comes when you are under the protective covering of a shepherd (Pastor). It is through the local church that you will learn how to live the Christian life and will be fed the Word of God so that you can grow spiritually. You will also connect with other believers who are running the same race as you. They will serve as a support, as we were never meant to run this race alone. It is important to come together and worship as a corporate body of believers. There is a power that is unstoppable when we are in unity with other believers for the cause of Christ.



The greatest thing you’ll ever accomplish in life is to discover, walk in, and fulfill the purpose for which you were placed on this earth. That purpose will be discovered as you begin to serve in your local church. Whatever your purpose, it will always involve serving and influencing others for the cause of Christ. Jesus was the greatest leader (influencer) who ever lived and He is calling you to follow suit. If Jesus Christ, the Son of God came to serve, how much more should you? He was a world-changer and history-maker and so are you.



You will experience spiritual growth as you remain connected to the local church. That growth will be accelerated as you learn to spend personal time with God. Making time to worship, pray, and read your Bible is part of self-feeding and is key to growing spiritually.

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